It's time for the Reuse, Reduce

Hudefo one of our thematic areas is waste management.
After a long journey of beach cleaning up while doing waste Auditing we found out that clothes waste is increasing day by day. Then we came out with an innovative solution of reusing clothes waste and producing new products.

We are glad to have different products and conserve our environment, we collect unwanted clothes from different people and do environmental charity every month and the communities are so happy about this.
Not only that we are producing different products where youths and women are the main actors in the whole process.
We are welcoming the stakeholders to support us in this (sustainable fashion) and conserve our environment together.

Mangroves Evaluation.

Mangroves conservation project we were happy to see the planted Mangroves grow well at Mdimni village -Mkuranga Region.

It was not easy,thanks to all stakeholders who supported us.
Lets do more conservation and restoration together.