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 about us

Mission Statement

To protect and improve the environment as a valuable aspect of social, political and economic development as well enhances human dignity and social justice in Tanzania




To raise awareness about climate change, environment conservation(marine/Forest), waste Management, gender based violence, plastic pollution in the ocean through sustainable products, education, Training and to advice on policy change favourable to Environment. 



Our Objectives

To raise awareness and tackle Environmental and Climate change problems

To carryout health programs that shall include educating the youth on reproductive health and Sexual Transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS

To promote social and economic activities among youth and women in Tanzania through capacity buildings and Social Empowerment

Our Mission

Capacity building and advocacy

Media collaborations

Stakeholders’ collaboration from Government, private, civil society organization, development partners to community.

To Act on nature based campaigns, and solutions

Advocacy for human rights,climate action,suistanable ocean and forest management, gender based violence, women empowerment and gender inclusions in development plans.

Conducting different researches on gender, forest and marine sectors/fields

Involvement of children and youth in Environmental and ecosystem conservation and protection facilitating community engagement and ownership projects

Local leaders and youths ambassadors in the Country.


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P.O.Box 80726 Dar Es salaam, Tanzania. 

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