Project 1: Community-led Waste Segregation and Composting

  • Objective: Implement community-led waste segregation and composting initiatives involving women groups and youth.
  • Training: Provide training on waste-to-wealth techniques like composting, vermi-composting, and upcycling.
  • Entrepreneurship: Link communities with entrepreneurs interested in upcycling waste into marketable products.

Usafi Kwanza: Beach Clean-ups and Plastic Pollution Reduction

  • Objective: Organize beach clean-ups and awareness campaigns in communities to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Education: Collaborate with local organizations and train students to adopt responsible waste management practices.
  • Circular Economy: Support the development of a circular economy for plastic waste in ocean tourism destinations.

Mtaa Kwa Mtaa Community Clean-ups

  • Objective: Implement community-led waste segregation and composting initiatives in all streets of Ubungo district.
  • Local Advocacy: Advocate for policy changes at local and national levels to incentivize waste management and circular economy practices.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) For Plastic Waste Management in Tanzania

  • Objective: Advocate for policy changes to make producers responsible for their plastic waste, incentivizing waste segregation, composting, and circular economy practices.
  • Engagement: Collaborate with parliamentarians and government officials to promote legislation restricting single-use plastics.