About us

                Why We Exist: Tanzania among other development countries with a population of 60 million by 2019 is facing unprecedented Environmental degradation and Climate change vivid impacts. Tanzania mainland poverty assessment report by World Bank Group revealed that over 80 percent of the poor and extreme poor living in rural areas which account for massive Environmental degradation by relying heavily to natural resources. Deforestation for farming activities, charcoal making and firewood are among of daily economic activities for survival, whereas on the other side of a coin rural community are mostly affected with climate change impacts.

              Human Dignity and Environmental Care Foundation (HUDEFO) believes on respecting the value of Environment with Social, Political, Economic benefits and Human dignity, thus finds it worth to engage the community in protecting, conserving the Environment with human dignity while addressing social and economic impacts.

HUDEFO has been registered on 02 August 2019 under the Non-governmental organization Act, 2002 with Registration No.ooNGO/R/0308 operating in Tanzania mainland replacing Human Dignity and Environmental Care Agency (HDECA) which was registered on February 2016.

          Currently, the organization has an office situated at Ada estate-Kinondoni District opposite Dar Free Market Mall, P.O.Box 80726 Dar Es salaam, Tanzania.

Mission statement


  • To protect and improve the environment as a valuable aspect of social, political and economic development as well enhances human dignity and social justice in Tanzania,
  • To raise awareness about climate change, environment conservation(marine/Forest), waste Management, gender based violence, plastic pollution in the ocean through sustainable products, education, Training and to advice on policy change favourable to Environment.

Vision statement


  • We would like to see a society that protects and conserve the environment as well as uphold human rights.