HUDEFO’s Extended producer Responsibility for Plastic Waste Management in Tanzania is a multi-stakeholders initiative designed to combat plastic waste pollution in Tanzania launched in August 2023

The project focuses on three key areas:

  • EPR Road Map Development: This crucial component aims to establish a robust platform for government representatives and stakeholders across the plastic value chain. Here, they can exchange perspectives, discuss solutions, and even debate approaches to EPR implementation.
  • Organizing Informal Raw Material Collectors: The project recognizes the vital role informal waste collectors play in the recycling system. Efforts will be made to empower and organize these individuals for improved efficiency and integration within the formal waste management structure.
  • Enhancing Environmental Journalism: Raising public awareness is critical for successful EPR implementation. The project will support and collaborate with journalists to produce informative and engaging content on EPR and its role in a cleaner Tanzania.
    HUDEFO recognizes the importance of tailoring EPR to Tanzania’s specific economic, political, social, and cultural context. Our goal is to:
  • Inform Government Processes. HUDEFO collaborates with government ministries and agencies to provide insights and best practices on adapting EPR as a waste management tool for Tanzania.
  • Foster Collaboration: We actively seek cooperation and knowledge sharing with various stakeholders, including government entities, academia, industry leaders, and civil society organizations.
    HUDEFO has established a network of crucial partners throughout the project, from local to national levels. These partnerships form the bedrock for successful project implementation. Key collaborators include:University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) – School of Law, Department of Political Science and Public Administration) PETpro ,CTI – Confederation of Tanzania Industries, Waste Picker and recyclers in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma
    The EPR Project is part of the Dar es Salaam-Hamburg twin-city partnership coordinated by the Hamburg Senate Chancellery. This partnership allows for valuable knowledge exchange with Hamburg’s Ministry for Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture, Hamburg’s municipal waste company, and NABU’s International Foundation for Nature.
    HUDEFO invites all stakeholders interested in tackling plastic waste pollution to join us in this collaborative effort. Stay tuned for updates on project progress, stakeholder dialogues, and opportunities to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable Tanzania.